Okay So I’m Really Bad at This

Hello world!

So like I have said before I am terrible at following through with things and therefore have not been posting everyday. It has been about a week at least since my last post and Im terribly sorry. BUT now I have so many more things to say! I can already hear the boo’s from those who like to read a bit but not so much when it comes to lengthy things and are looking for the main funny points of the post. Don’t worry I am just like you so this won’t be that terrible.

1 Harvest was fun but definitely didn’t go as planned…
So as I said in my last post why we were all attending Harvest, well things didn’t go as planned but that is mainly their business so I won’t explain further than that. For me personally I had a great time. I created eight shadow boxes and they didn’t sell but I got many compliments. I believe they are sell-worthy and many people wanted to buy them they just didn’t have the cash on hand for it. I read them to a group of people we met there and it was exhilarating. I never really read my work to people before except really close family members and I got many compliments and votes for me to continue on my path. So that was amazing and I can’t wait till festie season starts up again next summer. Until then I’ll start selling my work in other local areas. I’m really worried about selling online and people stealing my work or ideas so until I feel confident enough these will be sold only by me in person.


2 I went to New Hope for the first time
This was great and actually happened today. It was so awesome and I can’t wait to return for more adventures. With my group of friends John, Joe, Beth, and my boyfriend Will we all formed a traveling squad and are dedicated to travel on quests and adventures as many times as possible. It is something to always look forward to. It seems it will probably be mainly locally but I dream to travel the world with or without people. I really don’t care as long as I plan I’m going. This was awesome because I had great food and drinks (while helping the bar tender with mixing drinks). I got to shop in some really interesting stores and get some really nifty and beautiful things. Like Will bought a singing bowl and hasn’t stopped playing it since we got home and its spectacular. I love it that we could experience this quirky amazing place together. If I could recommend it for a day trip I would highly recommend it to anyone in the localized area.


3 My thought of the day is about empathy compassion and consideration
I believe that empathy for humans and other living things is supremely important, and that goes along hand and hand with compassion but consideration for one’s self is super important too. If you don’t feel like a whole person in that second, day, minute, week, year, ever, etc. I don’t believe you should seek out helping others heavily yet. How can one help someone feel whole if they aren’t whole themselves? I do believe helping others can help guide you in the right direction sometimes to help you grow, but I think we (humans) give great advice and don’t take it very well. I think that stubbornness can affect building your own person up and into who you truly can be. Thus, you are preaching “do as I say not as I do” as a child I hated that type of teaching and learning. I would never feel comfortable giving advice and guidance if I wasn’t ready to take that advice myself and utilize it. I feel like hypocrisy is too rampant, but thats another thought for another day. My main point is people should feel empath and compassion but still consider that caring for your own stain on yourself should be considered too before jumping into anything where you guide someone else or multiple persons for that matter. Helping one or two people is great but unless you are a licensed therapist more than that is too much. I’ve learned this very recently and therefore I feel okay making that statement but I was guilty of it myself until I realized how hazardous to my heath and sanity it was. Therefore I’m pulling back more and considering myself first. Always consider yourself first. Learn it.  Live it. Work on it always.


Well thats all I have to say tonight! Until next time 🙂


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